2017年4月19日 星期三


1.     Historical Trends in European Urban Design *重複T36真題
2.     why did no avian dinosaurs become extinct? *命中小範圍p.21
3.     Gondwana盤古大陸 *命中小範圍p.11

1.     左腦右腦 *命中小範圍p.20
2.     馬耕地,提到horseshoes等等
3.     S開頭的恐龍水生還是陸生,最後一段講了脖子能不能伸長,有拿長頸鹿比較

1.     early calendar
2.     nitrogen in crops
3.     bird colonies *命中T38閱讀p.63

1. flyless禽類
Becoming Flightless
There are two conditions of becoming flightless. First is no need to migrate to warm conditions. Second is no predators.
South America has a special bird which has no predators, this result flightless.
Flightless has advantages. Flightless birds can feed on plants due to their digestion system which is so heavy for flight birds
Flightless birds have larger eggs which can provide embryo more nutrients
Why most flightless birds didn't evolve to hands? Maybe due to their beak which can manipulate objects. However, some birds evolve to hands and paws.

2. Some qualities of a good trout stream
Some streams have common qualities for trout ( a kind of bird), Cool-cold water
,Smooth-slowing water, Cover and shelter, Abundant insects, Areas for building nests
Conclude all the conditions for trout

3. 塊飄

4. Climate of the past
1. Ice layers can provide information of the past climate, top layers are
  recently produced and bottom of the layers are formed for many
2. Air bubbles in the ice can yield climate information as well. By
  investing the gases in the bubbles, the correlation and connection of   
  carbon dioxide and temperature are revealed.
4.     Some sea sediments can also tell information of the climate.

1.   Compacted=compressed together
2.   associated =related
3.   sensitive to =responsible for
4.   constructed=created
1.   Vacated= recall
2.   Manipulate =handle
3.   Speculate =understand
4.   Exclusively=only
1.   robust =healthy
2.   optimal =ideal
3.   obstruction =阻礙
4.   predominantly=主要的,顯著的

C1 interview申請工作,有個網頁?
C3 (非經典加試) 童話學生和老師談論fairy tales,formulate,比如hero, magical characters and happy ending!學生說按照公式寫作的話大家都一樣,老師說details可以不一樣,比如magical helper可以是人也可以是動物,時間上可以是past, present也可以是future
C4 student and advisor
內容回憶:學生去找advisor抱怨她沒有做好最近一個architectureproject,她說覺得這個專業很難,她自己比較有興趣的是environment,於是advisor建議她去參加summer program補習一下,但是學生說她暑假有別的事情要做,怕來不及報名,然後advisor又說現在學校要開設landscape architecture,這是跟environment有關的,學生很開心,說要換專業。

L1現實主義theater, 有個melodrama

L2 Sunspots和其他太陽現象等
sun spots是一塊coolerarea,所以看起來是黑色的。隨著sunspot的產生,還有很多其他的solar activities.有一個科學家發現有一段時間有fewer number of sun spots產生,同時,地球產生了Little ice age,所以solar activitiesearth temperature 有關,water droplets飛到空中形成了clouds, radiation減弱,然後導致氣溫變化。
L3 Geology Physical geology還有historical geology

L4 絲路 silk road 傳播了文化、語言、技術等,是從亞洲傳到Roman的。為什麼叫silk road是因為羅馬人第一個從亞洲進口絲綢。Silk road上有guide,引導人們找到正確的路。Silk road是一個German 後來命名的。後來,Chinese發明瞭compass傳入歐洲,sea trade開始繁茂起來。

L5 飛機的建造設計之類的
L6 biofilm 考了順序題

Task 1
Which of the following areas of current events do you most like to read?
Arts and films

Task 2
Some students prefer to study for exam in the night other students prefer to study in the day, which do you prefer, explain why.

Task 3
閱讀: Cancel the science class requirement
原因1no need for non-science students to take science class原因2too difficult for science students to register
原因1University should hire more instructors of science class and should add more science classes
原因2Taking science class may have unexpected connection to other subjects for example she produced flower paintings by observing flowers in science lab

Task 4
閱讀 Real-time marketing, 將最近流行的和大家關注的植入廣告
例子:Real-time marketing, the professor give example of a shampoo, in a fashion show, some celebrities have nice hairstyle, the shampoo company can use this hair style to demonstrate that which products of the company has been used to make this hair

Task 5
the female students needs help to move out her apartment on Sundays, and the male students forgot this and made other appointment with other friends to art museum.
解決方案1she asked others to help her.
優點:the boy can go to the exhibit.
缺點:she may not find someone to help
解決方案2the male students can cancel the appointment of the art exhibit and give the ticket to other people.
優點:make sure she has someone to help
缺點:the boy wastes his ticket.

Task 6
The professor give examples of how plants control their growth.
The first is the plants grow too crowded and become compete.
The second is the environment control, the example is the flood, and the water grows regularly to cover the roots of plant to control their growth.

閱讀:beavers should not be released in England
1.    Beavers use wood build dams,這樣就會block the water flow
2.    Beavers dig holes,然後使ground above腐爛,不利於farmland
3.    Beavers’teeth are so strong that they will burrow in trees and thus kill the trees
聽力:releasing beavers的好處大於壞處
1.    Beavers並不會在每條河流中build dams,很多build dams的河流是still
2.    Beavers通常在Long river中,通常long river水流很快,beavers可以slow down the water flow,這樣對農田有利
3.    把有些trees kill掉反而使vegetation多樣化,因為部分樹木挪調之後會使原本在樹蔭下的植物有更多的陽光,這樣這些vegetation就可以長的更好,就會出現一個new ecosystem


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement. It is better to make friends with intelligent people than with the people who have a good sense of humor.

[心得] Jenny 四戰105 感謝J2機經班

求學背景:國立大學 應考日期&成績:11/04 四戰 105 分 (一戰74分) 各科分數:R28 L27 S24 W26 英文能力敘述:多益 665 分 (7年前) 考試身分:上班族 考場地點:American Life Learning 準備時間:111 年 08 月...